Java on the Desktop: still a no go

22px-flag_of_englandsvg After the launch of Java 6 update 10 final, and recently JavaFX 1.0, I decided to take a look on how desktop java was going.

I hoped that after the disastrous failures of applets and java web start, Sun would finally get it right, coming up with something that could be a real option to Flash and Ajax, something that could allow us, developers, to write and distribute reliable and fast desktop applications using Java on the Internet.

But it seems that I’ll have to wait some more time 🙂

I went to to see the new demos, and received a very cryptic error whenever I clicked in one of them:


To solve this, it’s necessary to go to java console and do some changes in the temporary storage of files (!),  as described here.

I don’t remember having any problems  installing Flash on any operational system, and that includes Linux, Windows, PalmOS, Pocket PC and Symbian, using several browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  Flash just works! You go to a page and Flash runs.  If you  don’t  have Flash, it get installed in a matter of seconds.  It works flawlessly and equally everywhere.

That’s  why things like YouTube uses Flash.  Because if a user has to figure out how to solve errors like that, he’ll simply go away.