Watching live soccer in Gentoo – part 1 – SopCast

England The portal is a very interesting site where you can choose among several live sports and watching ’em live, with very good quality. The matches can be seen with a myriad of softwares, among them: windows media, real audio, sopcast, tvants. In this post I’ll focus on SopCast.

Gentoo portage does not have an ebuild for sopcast (yet), but meanwhile there is a sopcast ebuild on gentoo bugzilla. To install it, download the file and save it to /usr/portage/media-tv/sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild.

Edit sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild and change the URL from




As the packages are masked, first we have unmask them:

    echo "=media-tv/sopcast-1.1.1" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Before emerging, go to the ebuild dir and generate the manifest:

    ebuild  sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild digest

and finally

    emerge sopcast

Now the fun bergins!

Under∂=sports&discipline=football choose the match you want to see, copy the adress (that beggins with the “protocol” sop://) and run the command:

   sp-sc sop:// 1234 5678

that opens the stream from local port “1234” to player port “5678”. Player port is where you will watch the video. So, to watch with Xine (my favorite), run:

   xine http://localhost:5678

and that’s it! Nice game! 🙂


4 comments on “Watching live soccer in Gentoo – part 1 – SopCast

  1. drughino says:

    thank you for the post.I want to suggest to edit the saving folder into /usr/portage/media-tv/sopcast/sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild ,infact in that way it fails the digest:
    #ebuild sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild digest
    Appending /usr to PORTDIR_OVERLAY…
    !!! /usr/portage/media-tv/sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild does not seem to have a valid PORTDIR structure.

  2. Vito says:

    thanks for the hint, good point from drughino as well!

    if you have problem to download file like me, try use this address${MY_P}.tgz instead…

  3. EnGage@gentoo2008 says:

    Gentoo portage requires a structure like this:
    You have two choice:

    if you are using a standard overlay dir put your sopcast-1.1.1.ebuild here:

    2. as the article do put it in:


    The second way is a wrong way: the ebuild will be destroyed on next “emerge –sync” call.

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